The future of water purification. It’s AI

It’s the year 2022 and people are depending on technology more, be it a smart tv or a smartphone. While water purifiers have been around here for quite a few years, none of those “smart” purifiers have the ability to validate your water like how lustral water does. Equipped with AI and IoT technology, Lustral water gives you data about your water anytime you want through their lustral water app. Here’s why we think AI will dominate the industry-

AI helps in monitoring ph, tds levels

While some RO based water purifiers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure you get the safest mineralised water, Lustral water on the other hand, monitors your water ph level, its turbidity and temperature. It also ensures that your water is within the ideal tds level range.

AI provides you with better user experience

Building your products with AI can help you track down user’s preferences, habits, needs and health.
In this case, for lustral water, the AI tracks their water consumption and mineral content, so that they can always be informed about their water.
AI fixes the problem

With AI, most of the problems can be fixed. just by tracking users’ preferences, AI can determine the kind of solution one needs to provide a better experience.
Here, lustral water with the help of AI can determine the quality of your water filter. Whenever the water filter quality becomes poor, AI automatically connects you with the technician to replace the same.

Artificial intelligence is the future of building smart water purifiers and providing you with the safest, healthiest drinking water and without it a business will have less chances of growing as customers would want to know what is best for them.

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