What Brands don’t understand about the Environment?

5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day every year. Brands across the globe wish their customers  on social media and come back to their usual environmentally harmful operations. While some of the brands do take a pledge of taking care of the environment, the first step is usually reducing or completely changing the packaging. 

Brands do shift from their plastic packaging to more “environmentally friendly ones”, the change does not last longer. Why? The answer is simple. Costs increase when brands start packaging their products in other alternatives, let’s say- cloth or paper packaging. 

We all know plastic is very cheap and helps brands gain more profit. But, businesses are not meant to exist just for gaining profit. 

In the race of a brand being environmentally friendly they forget about the core- water. Researches have shown that the greatest water wastage is done by the apparel industry. The amount of water that goes into making a single piece of cloth as soft as feather is harrowing. 

Many suggestions were given that support the environment on a surface level.. While the suggestions have helped the brand in the long term, it still does not mean reducing the water wastage. What’s the solution then? Employing technology that monitors your water consumption on the same and if a brand needs to use clean water they can just use commercial ROs to clean their water instead of using it directly from freshwater bodies. 

Environment isn’t just about plastic or more “green” packaging. Fighting on the core level would bring about a great deal of change. When the water sources will stop getting exploited, only then problems like pollution and global warming can be handled.  

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